Long Time, No See

Wonder why? I got kicked out of my d&d group. Hopefully, I’ll find a way to keep this blog alive or find other d&d people out there, but until then, we are on hiatus.

I will have one bondage, please!
the GM (via outofcontextdnd)



Revenge is Sweet


DM:  So You’ve escaped the tanks and the national guard.  What do you do now?

Me:  Hmm.  I summon a dimensional shambler and kill President Hoover. Then the King of England.

DM:  Why?

Me:  WHY NOT?!

My God, you’re ugly


GM:  You walk in to see a six foot tall man with a disgusting scar across his face.  Make a sanity check.

Rabbi:  Really?

GM:  He is THAT ugly.

Rabbi:  I’m sure I’ve seen worse.  *Rolls* Fail.

GM:  You scream like a little girl and run out of the room.

Me:  Pansy.

Rumormongering in Call of Cthulu


Me:  So let’s recap:  We have an evil sorceror on the hill trying to resurrect the dead … probably.  We are like, six guys with little to no combat experience in a backwater town.  What do we do?

Party: hmm.


Party to NPCs in town:  Hello, we’re reporters from London investigating reports that Walter Corbitt is in actuality a devil-worshiping Jew from Boston undermining our good English Values.

NPC:  “Oh my God!”

Me:  *Face-palm.*